All continents Rome is in

What Continent Is Rome In?

If someone were to ask you, “What continent is Rome in?”, you would probably say Europe right?  Well, you’re right, that’s where one of the several places named Rome is located. Did you know that each continent has a city or island named Rome (or Roma)?

The Continents Rome Is In

What Continent Is Rome In? All of them!
What Continent Is Rome In? All of them!

Europe – Roma, Italy (Roma is Rome in Italian)(also, Sweden and Romania)
North America – Roma, Texas
South America – Roma, Ecuador
Australia – Roma, Queensland
Asia – Roma, an island in Indonesia
Africa – Roma, Lesotho

For those of you that learn visually, like I do, here’s a map showing that it’s not exactly straight forward to answer “What continent is Rome in?”.  Wouldn’t you agree?