Marilyn Monroe Had 6 Toes on One Foot?

There’s a claim made that Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes on one foot.  This is a widely debunked myth, that for some reason still seems to reappear every once in a while.  The picture that was used as “proof” of this claim was was taken by a man named Joseph Jasgur, who was a celebrity photographer during the golden age of Hollywood.

Photograph claiming Marilyn Monroe 6 toes
Marilyn Monroe Had 6 Toes on one foot? This is the supposed proof.

Marilyn Monroe Had 6 Toes — An Outrageous, Attention Grabbing Claim

Joseph Jasgur was first introduced to her when he shot a series of modeling sessions of a young nineteen year old named Norma Jean Dougherty.  In these sessions he shot several photos of her in the Hollywood Hills and at the beach.  Of course, as you probably suspect, she later came to be known the world over as Marilyn Monroe.

The LA Times reported that some of the photos used in her portfolio that launched her career were taken by Mr. Jasgur.  This portfolio was presented to 20th Century Fox, and soon Marilyn Monroe became a pop culture icon.  Joseph Jasgur, however, did not see similar success in his career.

Once she gained notoriety, Marilyn Monroe “shunned” Mr. Jasgur and he spent much of his career trying to capitalize off of the photographs he took of Marilyn Monroe.   In fact, most of the pictures he had taken of Marilyn Monroe went unpublished for over 40 years.

Around 41 years after that photo shoot, and with suspiciously convenient timing, Mr. Jasgur was in the process of writing a book entitled The Birth of Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of Norma Jean, when he noticed the sixth toe on her left foot.  He even included a picture of it as part of his marketing campaign promoting the book.

Here's an enlarged image of that same picture - showing only 5 toes
Here’s an enlarged image of that same picture – showing only 5 toes and a little extra sand

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