Large Display Of Pumpkins

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns often go with Halloween. You can see them on front porches, on patio banisters, and in front yards. Most of the time, you see one or two pumpkins decorate a home. Residents in Keene, NH decided to take the idea of decorating with jack-o-lanterns to a different level. The town managed to abide by several rules to get into the “Guinness Book Of World Records” with a display of 30,581 jack-o-lanterns. They topped the previous record set by Boston in 2006. Keene took home the honor in 2013.

Now, the town wants to add more pumpkins to the display so that they can get in the record book once again. Ruth Sterling knows that the judges are strict, but the people who managed to carve the pumpkins, display them and make sure that they were lit stuck with the restrictions and the requirements so that they could get into the book. One of the things that the judges look at is whether the pumpkins look like they aren’t originally designed. If the pumpkins look like they are intentionally placed or designed, they aren’t counted. Pumpkins that don’t stay lit for the entire time they are being judged aren’t counted. The Keene Pumpkin Festival also won in 1993 with a display of fewer than 5,000 pumpkins. The display continues to grow each year.