Shopping Days And Thanksgiving Ways

Most people enjoy Thanksgiving because it’s a time of the year to give thanks for your family and friends and the things that you have. For other people, it’s a time when they begin their Christmas shopping because Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln declared in the 19th century that there would be a day set aside in November for people to give thanks. This day would be the last Thursday in November. In some years, this day could be the fourth Thursday, but in some years, the day could be the fifth Thursday. It would all depend on how the weeks would fall.

In 1939, the last day of the month of November happened to be on a Thursday, which made Thanksgiving the last day of the month. This made retail store owners worry that shoppers wouldn’t have enough time to buy gifts, which would mean losing money. Retailers asked Franklin Roosevelt to change Thanksgiving to a week earlier. A few years later in 1941, a council declared that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Black Friday would then follow. It was the popular shopping day that assisted in dictating when Thanksgiving is now celebrated.