Did You Know a Pair of Identical Twins Unknowingly Led Bizarrely Identical Lives?

James Lewis and James Springer, identical twins born and raised 40 miles apart from each other in Ohio, grew up without knowledge of each other. They at last were reunited at age 39, after curiosity drove Lewis to try to reach out through the courts and contact his brother.

Upon being reunited, the men soon discovered that they shared a number of startling similarities.

First, their adoptive parents had each decided to name their sons James, using the shortcut Jim, despite having never met or spoken. The boys went on to marry twice each: first to wives named Linda, then to wives named Betty. When they had sons, they named them “James Allen” and “James Alan.”

The spooky similarities don’t end there. Both twins also:

– Had childhood dogs named “Toy”
– Smoked Salem-brand cigarettes
– Preferred Miller Lite beer
– Were nail biters
– Suffered from migraines

The men also held similar occupations. James Lewis worked as a security guard, and James Springer spent time as a deputy sheriff.

Curiously, despite these numerous bizarre coincidences, the separated-in-infancy twins did not have everything in common. Although they were the same height and weight, they styled their hair quite differently. One was also more outgoing than the other, who communicated best in writing.