Get Gym Ready Head-to-Toe with Fabletics New Shoe Collection

Fabletics, the Kate Hudson fronted athleisure giant, is expanding its’ vast array of offerings to now include a full footwear line. With  options ranging from traditional sneakers to pound the pavement in, to sleek slip-ons formal enough for the modern office, the new multi-functional line of footwear is poised to become a huge hit. With the athleisure trend in full force, women are reveling in the freedom of clothing that is multi- faceted, appropriate for all of life’s hectic activities, all the while aesthetically sleek and beautiful. It is only natural for this practical thought process to extend to footwear. The sight of women dressed in power suits and bulky sneakers, changing into their stilettos in the elevator is an antiquated image. Now, women are choosing style and substance with sleek slip-ons, fashionable sneakers, and footwear designed to tackle 18 hour days with style and grace.

Using Customer Feedback to the Fullest

Created in 2013 to provide high performance athletic clothing to women at a reasonable price range, the company has seen unprecedented growth. With a transparent business model aimed to provide consumers with exceptional and proactive customer care, extensive social media marketing strategies, and a product that stands the test of time, Fabletics has perfected their game. Each article of clothing receives immense forethought before being brought to market, and its’ fate is determined by the feedback of the large and loyal customer base that Fabletics has garnered. With such a direct dialogue between the brand, and its’ loyal customers, Fabletics benefits from the ability to utilize customer feedback, and turn it into the exact type of company that their consumer base desires. As a direct result of this practice, Fabletics is expanding into footwear, “which is being introduced in direct response to feedback from our members,” said Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO and co- founder of TechStyle Fashion Group, parent company of Fabletics.

With so much consumer input, this introductory footwear line is created specifically to fit the busy lifestyle of women. As with each clothing item, there are many details dedicated to functionality, durability, and strength. According to NewsOK, the inspired specifics of the shoes “include lightweight materials, flexible constructions for maximum comfort, memory foam soles and breathable mesh.” Of course, a functional shoe that isn’t cute is also a useless shoe. That’s where beautiful finishes, touches of faux suede, zippers, and stylish soles add the pizazz needed to make   these beauties both practical, and posh.

Let’s Talk About Shoes, Baby

Fabletics Launch of Athletic Shoes Includes Popular Laurel Court Sneaker

Take for example, the casually sleek Laurel Cort Sneaker, one of the line’s most versatile looks. This gorgeous slip-on is structured enough to be appropriate for a full day of work, stylish enough for walking to happy hour, and traipsing around running errands until the sun goes down. Aesthetically, the shoe is a minimalist’s dream staple, allowing wearers to create versatile looks with only one shoe. Technically speaking, it also features several functional details, including the site’s described “plush memory foam insole that molds to your feet, making harsh city life just  a little bit softer.” Never have truer words been spoken!

One would imagine that all of these fabulous extras, commitment to quality, and beautiful designs would equate to a sneaker almost as expensive as a pair of those red-soled stilettos. However, the entire capsule collection is wonderfully affordable! One of the top priorities for Fabletics is to ensure that all women can wear their clothing without breaking the bank, and this shoe collection is no exception. With special introductory pricing, some shoes will set wearers back no more than the cost of 3 lattes!

Fabletics’ Committment to the Customer is Key

As is the case with all Fabletics items, in the spirit of complete transparency and community-based trust building, each shoe features a plethora of customer ratings. With this feature, customers are able to gauge the shoe style, size, comfort, and opinion of a trusted community prior to making a purchase. This type of communal shopping is the new-age version of bringing along your big sister on a shopping trip, all without leaving your cubicle, bed, or wherever else online shopping can be accomplished (read: everywhere).

With such rapid growth for the company, along with a plethora of new products, and a footwear line, one thing remains true: the company itself is hyper focused on retaining their mission statement, and sticking with their body-love mantra. With each product expansion, Fabletics, and perfect spokesperson/co-founder Kate Hudson, manage to expertly choose products that highlight the importance of leading an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. The company’s motto “Live Your Passion” is not only emblazoned on racer back tanks, but is also implemented in the design of each shoe, further perpetuated by each employee of the company, and certainly is the life truth for Kate Hudson.

While fashion advertising sometimes comes off as faux and forced, photos of Kate donning her brand’s attire and footwear within her every day existence are practically gospel. As a spokesperson, Kate radiates confidence in her company, which comes from her genuinely believing in Fabletics’ mission statement, beliefs, practices, and body-positive approach. According to Goldenberg, “Our goal at Fabletics is to bring women everything they need to live an active lifestyle, and with our new footwear collection, they can easily outfit themselves in fully styled head-to-toe looks.” Now, that’s brand consistency at its’ finest.

Fabletics has been successful garnering a faithful following with their athletic wear and now has branched into footwear!

Though Fabletics has already solidified the top spot as the darling of the athleisure trend, this new foray into footwear will undoubtedly turn successful, earning the continued support of a loyal legion of followers, and gaining new customers alike. If this capsule collection is a good indication of future shoe lines to follow, there is no stopping Fabletics from taking over shoe closets worldwide, and making women feel confident, sleek, beautiful, powerful, and most  importantly…comfortable.

Check out the complete new collection of Fabletics’ fabulous footwear here: