Is It A Bird Or Plane?

When you think about a UFO, you might think about aliens from another planet. While this could be what a UFO is, it’s essentially any craft in the sky that can’t be identified at the time that it’s seen. These crafts weren’t called UFOs until 1952. They were called flying saucers since 1947. The crafts were called flying saucers after about nine objects were seen in the sky one night in June of 1947. These objects looked like saucers, especially when they were seen skimming over the water. There is a fear of being abducted by aliens. Over 40,000 have added an alien abduction to their home or life insurance. Jimmy Carter thought that he saw a UFO in 1973. Nothing has been substantiated, and it was likely that he saw either a plane or even Venus in the night sky. In 1561, a large group of people saw a UFO over Nuremberg. Although most go unreported, there are about six sightings of UFOs each day somewhere in the world. These sightings could range from planes and helicopters that are later identified to objects in the sky that are truly a puzzle because there is no explanation for what they are.