Mama And Her Family

Thelma Harper is the mother on the popular television show “Mama’s Family.” Many households watched this comedy in the 1980s, and there are still reruns on some cable channels today. There are a few things about the show that are interesting that aren’t known by many viewers. Most television shows have a pilot episode. This show never did and simply started with Vint and his children moving in with his mother. The show was initially canceled in 1984 after two seasons. However, in 1986, Lorimar ordered 100 episodes to see how well the show would do with viewers. Rue McClanahan and Betty White were on the show together before they both ventured over to “The Golden Girls.” The home in the opening credits of the first two seasons is smaller than the home featured in the opening credits of the later seasons. Even though there are some hints as to where Raytown is located, the state is never really revealed in the show. Some people think that the town is located in Missouri because of details that Vicki Lawrence talked about during interviews. Each character is seen in a certain color throughout the series. Bubba wears green and blue, Mama wears blue and purple, Iola is known for wearing pink, Vint wears a lot of tan, and Naomi wears yellow almost every day.