Television Show Features African Americans

The Jeffersons” was a television show about a married couple who moved to the big city after George started his dry cleaning business. One of the things that you might not know about the show was that there wasn’t a finale. Sherman Hemsley read about the show being canceled by reading the details in a newspaper. Tom and Helen Willis were neighbors of George and Louise. They were also the first interracial couple seen on television, striking the nerve of a few viewers who didn’t think that an interracial couple should be displayed in the public eye. Their first kiss was frowned upon by many who watched the show. The cast is mostly African American and is the longest-running television show with mostly African American members. George was rear-ended and received a nice settlement that helped him open his dry cleaning business. Louise and George seemed to have the chemistry needed to portray a married couple. However, Louise was 20 years older than George off the screen. The Jefferson family was first seen on “All In The Family.” Louise didn’t want to leave her neighbors, but she knew that she needed to follow and support her husband while moving to a large apartment in the middle of New York.