Showcasing Teen Moms

“16 & Pregnant” is a show that started about eight years ago. It followed the lives of several teenagers as they prepared to give birth, inviting viewers to see the struggles that they endured as teen moms and some of the joys as they completed school and discovered how to be a success. “Teen Mom” spawned from the show and features four of the original cast members and the lives that they now lead with their children, spouses and significant others. Maci is one of the favorites of the reality show. She now has three children and is married. However, viewers don’t know that she drank before she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Amber is now pregnant with her second baby. She is having a boy with her boyfriend who she was in a relationship with for only a short time before making the announcement. Farrah has had her ups and downs with everyone from her mother to the producers of the show. She was recently seen in an episode talking to one of the producers and learning that she was no longer wanted on the show. For the most part, “Teen Mom” offers viewers a true look at what it’s like to raise kids alone or when there is more than one father involved.