Apartment Life On “227”

One of the television shows from the 1980s was “227.” The show featured a group of friends living in a large apartment building. Marla Gibbs transferred from “The Jeffersons” to be on the show, but she didn’t retain her former character. Instead, she played Mary, a wife, and mother of a teenager daughter. Mary and Lester miss going to Hawaii twice while the show was on television. Some of the scenes feature “The Jeffersons” playing on a television in the living room. Lester reveals early in the series that his mother is dead, but in a later episode, he tells Mary that he has to go to her home for some reason. There are noticeable similarities in the way that the front stoop of the apartment building and the apartment building itself are designed as some have compared the building to the same one used in “Sesame Street.” Actors from “The Jeffersons” portrayed other characters in “227.” No one really knows how old Brenda is on the show because she as 13 during one season and 15 the season after that, which means that she had to age two years in one season. Some of the apartment letters change during the running of the show. Sandra lives in apartment K at times and in apartment J during other seasons.