Dr. Dov Rand Knows Aging Like No Other

Dr. Dov Rand: Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Genius

Dr. Dov Rand trained at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York before beginning his own treatment clinic, which is called the Healthy Aging Medical Center. He is committed to providing patients the very best therapies that are based on peer-reviewed science and research. He uses an innovative therapeutic model for addressing the most common problems associated with aging. His treatment model addresses these symptoms at the source of the issue. This method is effective at creating lasting change that patients will appreciate. He also serves in the capacity of role model to patients who may not understand that aging does not have to mean losing your ability to enjoy living. At 50 years of age, he is active physically, and he provides an insider’s perspective on the aging process for each patient who comes to the clinic seeking relief. He embraces the evidence-supportive model of treatment planning, and he adopts this model when he developed the integrated approach to care for aging and overweight patients (Twitter).


Patients who enter the Healthy Aging Medical Center are often surprised to learn that reversing these effects is possible. The sense of hopelessness that comes from aging often undermines any efforts to change the situation. However, the program includes a unique model of support that allows each individual to learn at their own pace. Patient education is a central part of the process, and the more the person learns about their own condition, the better equipped they are to follow the exercise and diet portions of the process. This approach is effective for both chronic and acute conditions. The combination approach is more effective than any one model used in isolation. For example, the HCG diet is effective at providing the short-term results that improve the patient’s sense of optimism, and it can restore their confidence in their own ability to change as well. However, these benefits need to be maintained and integrated with the other therapies offered at the clinic if the patient is going to get the long-term results that are desired. The benefits of these programs are substantial, but patients need to understand what is happening in order to get the most out of the program. This means that the educational materials must be comprehensive and individually designed for each person and their unique situations.


Aging and Hormones


According to Dr. Dov Rand, the body needs the right hormone levels to function properly. Many of the side-effects of diseases, as well as the symptoms associated with aging, can be traced to the drop in the hormone levels of the aging body. Restoring these hormone levels is the first step towards boosting the body’s internal healing mechanism. The supportive therapies offered at the center will allow the body to benefit from the dietary changes as well as the improved overall circulation of blood throughout the entire body. The use of intravenous vitamin therapy also contributes to the ability of the body to restore its default condition. These therapies have all passed the rigorous peer-review process, and Dr. Dov Rand maintains his own continuing education as a means of demonstrating his commitment to improving the lives of each person.


Dr. Dov Rand, Integrated Therapeutic Model


The Healthy Aging Center offers patients a unique opportunity to rapidly lose weight before fully integrating the other portions of the program. This is possible through the HCG diet, which is one of the most effective weight-loss programs available. It works with the body’s natural metabolism and was developed in the medical environment. This distinguishes this particular diet from many of the fad diets that are not designed to create lasting changes. The HCG diet stands for the human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a powerful hormone that is only found in pregnant women. The way this hormone affects the embryo after the conception event is significant, and this includes the ability to prevent the deterioration of muscle tissue from happening. The benefits of this hormone are evident when applied to adults under certain conditions. Once the body ages, the hormone levels will drop, and this causes a variety of dysfunctions to occur in different areas of the body. Once these levels are restored to the correct amounts, the body can begin to repair itself; however, supplemental nutrition, diet, and exercises play a critical role during this period as well.


The integrated program involves a variety of changes in the daily routine of the patient. It can be difficult to change habits that have developed over a long period of time, but it is possible to accomplish. This approach carefully integrates the hormone replacement therapies with effective physical therapy protocols. These exercises are designed to reduce the overall sense of fatigue by building muscle tone in the right areas of the body. Once the ligaments and muscles of postural support are strengthened, the patient will often experience a boost in their overall energy level. This means that they will be able to enjoy the simultaneous benefits of an increase in their energy while reducing the amount of adipose, or fatty tissue, which creates the feeling of being overweight. These two methods are powerful, but they can become remarkably effective once the hormone replacement therapy is added to the program. The body requires hormones for the internal organs to remain functioning at the levels necessary for health. Once the hormone levels are restored, the diet and exercise changes will support the overall healing process in the organs.


Dr. Dov Rand, Patient Education, and Integrated Therapies


The integrative medicine used at the Healthy Aging Medical Center provides patients with the resources necessary to overcome the detrimental effects of aging. During the process, patients often learn about their condition in a way that allows them to participate. The center provides each patient with a personalized treatment program that addresses their unique needs. Compassionate and experienced professional support can make a substantial difference. Changes often require a significant amount of adjustments, and this is true even when the changes are beneficial. Patient education fills the gap that can often exist between theory and practice. The HCG diet is an example of how this works. Patients may expect to experience hunger because of the calorie restrictions in the diet plan; however, there is usually the opposite effect. Patients may experience much less hunger even at the lowered calorie threshold. When patients understand that the hormone therapy can create the effect of weight loss even in people who have been eating healthy foods and exercising for a long time, they begin to appreciate the combination approach to weight loss.


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