A Life Of Comedy

With the recent reboot of “Roseanne,” there are a few facts that you might not know about the show that are useful when watching the new season. The majority of the last season of the show is a work of fiction as Roseanne wrote her book and changed details of her family that she wanted to see different. This was a television show that opened the door for other comedians to star in their own shows.

Becky was played by two different people during the course of the show. DJ was also played by two different actors. The first episode features Sal Barone. However, writers were on strike for a short time, and by the time the show started back up, the young boy was too tall for the role. That’s when Michael Fishman took over and was DJ throughout the rest of the series. He comes back in the reboot as DJ as well. Producers of the show didn’t want the kids to act like kids. Lecy Goranson wanted to cut her hair at one point, but the producers didn’t want her to because it didn’t suit her character. However, after talking to Roseanne about the issue, Roseanne decided to cut Lecy’s hair herself.

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