Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Guiness World Records

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Team Up With Guinness World Records Team for Record Breaker Week

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are finally back from their summer vacations, which means that “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is back on TV! After a couple of weeks away, Ryan and Kelly and here for their second season together.

When asked about his thoughts on the first season, Ryan Seacrest said that his biggest takeaway is that he made the right decision. This answer was followed by great applause from the audience but also, with a big smile on Kelly’s face. “This was everything she said it would be and more,” Ryan said looking at his co-host, “And I smile and I get excited every day to see her smile.”

When it comes to his expectations from the second season, Seacrest was brutally honest as always. “I expect so much. We have some big stars coming by, Jennifer Garner, Jake Shears, Matthew McConaughey, and many others.” Kelly is especially excited about Jake Shears, who is a friend of hers. Kelly reveals that she was the first one to play Jake’s new songs to Ryan, which is not something that happens so often. Usually, it’s Ryan Seacrest who plays new music for Kelly!

“We’re getting ready for Halloween show and Guinness World Records,” Ryan revealed. He also said that he enjoyed his summer break very much as he had the longest number of consecutive days he’s ever had in his life, without having a schedule. It might sound odd for a busy man like Ryan Seacrest, but it seems like he actually took a break from his many obligations.

However, that doesn’t mean that he had a break from his good friend and co-host Kelly Ripa. “We talked a lot, but not as much as we usually do. Usually, it’s every other hour,” Seacrest said jokingly. Unlike Ryan who spent his summer break with his girlfriend in Italy and France, Kelly took her daughter on a college tour. “But I sent her photos of what a vacation looks like every day,”  Ryan said.

For those who don’t know, this September will be very exciting for the fans of the show. Producer Michael Gelman has already promised “Livetember” on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” which means that the brand new season will host a strong lineup of guests, music acts and live festivities throughout the month.

To start, Live celebrated the new edition of “Guinness World Record 2019” with a special preview when the world-class juggler Josh Horton and wife Cassie Horton broke the record minimum of thirty in their attempt at “Most Apples Sliced in One Minute While Juggling Knives by a Team of Two.” They set a new Guinness World Record with thirty-six apples sliced.

Over the years, “Record Breaker Week” on Live has hosted many legendary stunts and incredible acts. The top morning talk show teamed up with Guinness World Records and presented “Record Breaker Week” and this week was no different!


Live with Breaking Records

This week, Live kicked off with a special twist on a pop culture phenomenon. The crowd attempted to set the record for the “Most People Doing the ‘Floss’ Dance Move Simulation.” Of course, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa were there, joined by hundreds of people outside of the Live studio.

It was a rainy day in New York City, but that didn’t stop people to join the Live crew and dance! Before the contest actually started, the instructor showed the hosts of the show and everyone in the audience the rules of the Floss Dance. About 350 people perfected their moves together with Seacrest and Ripa.

Once the judge joined the hosts on stage, the contest was good to go! The rules were simple, everyone in the audience needed to be doing the Floss Dance for one minute! It didn’t have to be perfect, the judges just had to see a great effort for one whole minute. “Why is it so challenging? I can’t dance and talk!” Seacrest said as he tried not to lose his breath.

As difficult as it might have seemed to Ryan, the record was successfully broken with 349 people dancing the Floss Dance for one minute in New York City!


Record Breaker Tuesday

Record Breaker Week continued on Tuesday when the Xtreme Team, a high-flying stunt acrobatic team tried to score a new record for the “Most Basketball Under-the-Leg Slam Dunks by a Team Using a Trampoline in One Minute.” The team introduced themselves and they revealed that none of them are professional basketball players.

Once again, the judge joined everyone on the Live stage and explained the rules. “What I’m looking for today, is to bounce off the trampoline, transfer under the leg and a slam dunk to count. The mark to beat is twenty-five in one minute,” he said. None of the guys on the team looked nervous. This record was ready to get broken!

One after another, the players were jumping in the air, right off the trampoline. Things got messed up with the last few shots and Ryan Seacrest even had to help a few of the players get up. “Michael, do we have the new Guinness Record?” Kelly asked the judge. “So the mark to beat was twenty-five and you did have a few misses,” the judge said, “But today you had twenty-seven and it’s the new world’s record!”

To celebrate this success, Kelly held the ball as one of the Xtreme team members jumped over her head and scored. Once again, the guys from Xtreme team made it and the crowd went wild.


Record Breaker Wednesday

New day, a new record. Professional cardstacker Bryan Berg went to new heights on Wednesday to secure a Guinness World Record title with building the “Tallest House of Cards in One Hour.” This is Berg’s second time on the show as he previously attempted to break this record on Live in 2009.

Back in 2009, Berg almost succeeded when he suddenly lost control over his cards in the very last second. This time, Bryan actually started stacking the cards before the show. The rules were clear, Bryan had an hour to stack the cards and after that, the tower needed to remain standing for a full ten seconds.

After the judge arrived, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa approached Berg slowly, “I am so afraid of creating any kind of draft or motion that would take down this house of cards,” Ripa said. “It’s going really well,” the judge was optimistic, “And the mark to beat is twenty stories. So what we’re looking for is commercially available cards and cards that anyone would have.”

“Bryan, how did you get into this?” Seacrest asked the artist. “My grandfather,” Berg replied shortly. “I just want you to know that there’s a Catholic priest here and he’s praying for this,” Ripa said as the judge counted down the last twenty seconds. To break the record, Bryan had to build twenty stories, but this time, he actually stacked twenty-six. Now they just had to wait and see if the tower was strong enough to hold still for ten seconds.

And this time, Bryan finally did it! “It really is an architectural marvel,” Ripa said. Ryan Seacrest even almost touched it to see how stable it is. “You should knock it down,” Seacrest said to Berg. Now that he officially broke the Guinness World Record on Live, Berg was more than happy to share his happiness with the audience.


Record Breaker Thursday

On Thursday, Jason Bateman visited Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa to talk about the series “Ozark,” and “No One Would Tell.” The star Shannen Doherty also stopped by to chat with the famous duo. In addition, Kelly and Ryan tried to set a new Guinness World Record title for the “Fastest Time to Wrap a Person with Wrapping Paper.”

For this event, Kelly admits that she practiced wrapping with her 15-year-old son. “We’re the same size,” Seacrest joked. “So, I’m going to try to wrap you in wrapping paper in three minutes and thirty seconds to set the world record,” Ripa told Ryan, adding, “But there’s all these different rules that apply. Now, wrapping a person in wrapping paper is not as hard as it sounds but the problem is the tape.”

Apparently, the tape has always been the biggest problem for Kelly. “No matter what type of paper I use, it’s always wrong. And I tried seventy-five different techniques last night, and it was wrong.” Kelly even shot a video to show Ryan Seacrest how it went.

In the video, Kelly asks her son, who stands in the middle of the room filled with wrapping paper if she’s ready to set the world’s new record. With a little bit of doubt in his voice, Kelly’s son said that his mom is ready, which made everyone in the studio laugh. Seacrest decided to give a disclaimer: “We may not be successful but we’re definitely going to try!”

Ryan Seacrest might not succeed as a human Christmas present, but he is definitely succeeding as one of the most stylish New Yorkers. Seacrest was honored at the “US Weekly Most Stylish Awards,” and he was especially flattered being considered a New Yorker. Seacrest is famous for being one of the most fashionable men in Hollywood. In fact, he and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor were spotted sitting in the front row at the Naeem Khan fashion show during New York Fashion Week in New York City.

Ryan took to Twitter that day to remember those lost on 9/11, “On this day 17 years ago, our country changed forever. As we remember those we lost and the heroes who sacrificed their lives to save many, let’s turn a day of tragedy into a day of doing good.” The 43-year-old producer and TV mogul is a big fan of the brand as he also attended the Naeem Khan presentation during New York Fashion Week: Bridal in April.

Although Kelly was so insecure about her wrapping skills (she even texted Ryan that she would fail while he was visiting the top fashion events around New York), Seacrest believed in her “I got your holiday gifts, you’re good at wrapping the gifts,” Seacrest said.

The rules for setting this world’s record were clear. The judge was looking from neck to toe, arms and legs both wrapped separately. At the end of the competition, Seacrest should have a ribbon tied in a bow, and at least ten adhesive bows stuck to him. “Just don’t panic,” Kelly told Ryan as she wrapped his torso. Although she was not happy about her taping skills, Kelly was actually really good at this!

At one point, the wrapping paper from Ryan Seacrest’s back fell off, but Kelly was quick to fix this. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough as the left leg wasn’t done. But Ryan Seacrest didn’t let his co-host get sad about this. Instead, he reminded her that tomorrow is the new day for setting the record!


Record Breaker Friday

And finally, Friday is a big day for “Live with Kelly and Ryan” viewers. First of all, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa did something they never did before in their show; they hosted the show’s producer, Michael Gelman. In 1988, Gelman became the youngest executive producer of a nationally syndicated talk show.

“For more than thirty years, the live show has seen many changes and transitions, but the one and only thing that has always remained the same was our executive producer, Michael Gelman,” Ripa said. “We’ve seen Gelman grow up and change throughout the show,” Seacrest said and added, “He is so devoted to the show. He will do just about anything and everything for our viewers. Live is not just a show, it’s a family and Gelman has always been a part of it.”

What no one expected, including Gelman, was the Guinness World Records judge joining them on stage to give Gelman a very special gift. “We love recognizing ordinary people who do amazing things,” the judge said. “With 7,534 episodes produced, I can now announce that you are the Guinness World Record title holder for most morning show episodes produced by an individual!”

It’s clear that Michael’s team admires him for staying with his TV family for all these years. “You could have left here and run a company or a network of your own or a film studio, you really could have, but you chose us and we feel blessed that you stuck by us,” Kelly told Gelman.

But that’s not all that would happen this Friday! Ripa and Seacrest called grape-stomping sisters Angela Carvalho and Dee Dee Lombardi Brandt to set a new record for the “Most Juice Extracted from Grapes by Treading in One Minute by a Team of Two.”

“We are very proud to be able to represent Sonoma County,” Dee Dee said by phone on Wednesday as she and Angela drove toward SFO for their flight. Dee Dee, a real-estate agent, and Angela, who does home staging and design, are the Harvest Fair’s current grape stomp champions.

This Friday, Dee Dee and Angela will stomp grapes in one tub and Kelly and Ryan in another. The world record holders will be the team that presses the most juice in one minute. Dee Dee said she and Angela will have a few free days in the Big Apple. She vowed, “We’re going to paint the town purple.”

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