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Organo Tells The History Of Coffee As International Coffee Day Approaches


September 29th, 2018

Have you ever wondered who came up with the idea to smash the coffee bean and mix it with water? An Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi was credited with discovering the potential of coffee beans many centuries ago. According to Ethiopian legends, Kaldi’s goats were grazing in the nearby coffee forests. When they ate the beans, they were so full of energy that they could not sleep. After Kaldi told the story to an abbot at a monastery nearby, the abbot decided to make a drink with the coffee beans to help him stay awake. The drink was a success, and its popularity spread beyond the monastery.


Coffee Reaches Arabia

When news of a special energizing drink spread to Arabia, an entirely new chapter of history started. It was there that cultivation and trading of coffee began. Within a century, coffee was being grown in Egypt, Turkey, Syria, and Persia. Coffee houses became popular places for all types of social gatherings. In addition to sitting at a table and enjoying a cup of coffee, patrons were treated to games, live music, and acting performances.

Coffee Arrives In Europe

Coffee was imported to Europe in the 1600s. However, some skeptics reacted to the beverage’s energizing ability with fear and suspicion. Some Italian Catholic churches condemned the drink in 1615. When Pope Clement VIII tried the drink, he gave it his approval and said that it was highly satisfying. That was good enough for most skeptics, and coffee houses started appearing everywhere in Europe. As it was in Arabia, they quickly became social hubs.

In England, coffee houses were places of discussion and education. People often called them penny universities since a person could get a cup of coffee and have a thought-provoking conversation for a penny. At the time, wine, beer, and tea were common breakfast beverages in European countries. Coffee quickly replaced those beverages since people preferred an energy boost as they started a new day. Many employers welcomed this change after they noticed that their workers were more energetic and productive. By 1750, London boasted well over 300 coffee houses.




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Coffee In The Americas

British merchants brought coffee to America in 1773. Although coffee was the drink of choice in Europe and in Arabia, tea was still the top-selling beverage in the colonies of New England. When a hefty tax was imposed on tea, the American colonists revolted and refused to buy it. That was coffee’s opportunity to shine, and it would forever remain the preferred beverage of the country after that point.

As the demand for coffee grew, growers had a hard time providing ample supplies. Cultivation spread far beyond Arabia and led to fierce competition. Dutch growers cultivated trees in Indonesia. Amsterdam’s mayor gave King Louis XIV of France a coffee plant in 1714. It was planted in the Royal Botanical Garden. A naval officer received a seedling from it, and he managed to keep it alive during a treacherous journey to Martinique. That seedling thrived after it was planted, and the island of Martinique had 18 million coffee trees from that seedling within 50 years. The seedling was also the parent of all coffee trees in Central America and South America.

Celebrate Coffee On September 29, 2017

International Coffee Day is just around the corner. You may also hear people call it National Coffee Day. The idea was launched in 2015 by the International Coffee Association in Milan, Italy. People celebrate the day worldwide by indulging in their favorite coffee drinks. Some businesses and coffee companies host promotions. Since you know the history of coffee now, you have an excuse to treat your friends to a cup and share coffee’s fascinating past with them.



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