Nothing Like Family

Mama’s Family” is a television show that was quite popular in the 1980s and the early 1990s. Even though the overall plot of the show was rather straightforward, there are a few things that viewers still haven’t figured out. A traditional pilot of the show was never released. The first show jumped right into the lives of Thelma Harper and her family.

The second season was supposed to be the last one because the show was canceled. However, only two years later, the show would be picked up again with new characters to go along with Thelma, Vint, and Naomi. When the show was syndicated, a different home was featured in the opening credits along with title words in yellow instead of pink.

Although Raytown is where the family lives, no one really knows where Raytown is located as there’s never any mention of a state. Some speculate that it’s somewhere on the east coast because Thelma often talks about her daughter being in Florida. The characters on the show had a special color that they wore. Mama could usually be seen in blue or purple in each episode. There are at least two episodes where Vicki Lawrence played a double role.