“Beverly Hills, 90210” Not Always As It Appeared

As “Beverly Hills, 90210” gears up to make its debut on television once again, there are a few interesting facts that fans might not know about the original series. Some of these details help to explain the characters and some of the events that took place throughout the course of the series. Although he became one of the main characters in the show, Ian Ziering first thought that the plot was a bit superficial as it showcased the lives of a group of rich kids in Beverly Hills.

When Shannen Doherty auditioned for her role as Brenda, it wasn’t the best audition for her. However, the casting director was impressed with her skills and felt that she fit in with the rest of the cast. Luke Perry was an actor who wasn’t supposed to be a regular on the show. He was only supposed to appear as a love interest and a friend. Directors were impressed with what he was doing for the show, so they kept him on as a regular. When “Beverly Hills, 90210” first appeared on television, it wasn’t a hit like producers and writers expected. Over the summer months when students were out of school and were able to see teens they could relate with, the ratings started to soar, resulting in a show that lasted for several years.