Fashion Nova

 How Fashion Nova’s Beauty Line is Helping People Maintain Self-Confidence

Fashion Nova is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. In 2018, only five years after going online, it became the most-searched fashion brand on Google, beating most of the top brands. From selling clubwear to women in Los Angeles, California, the company grew and started selling various fashion items to millions of men, women, and children around the world.

So many people have wondered how Fashion Nova’s founder and CEO, Richard Saghian, was able to get online business right. 

In October 2020, Fashion Nova launched their first beauty line, Maven Beauty, which contains various high-quality makeup products. They moved from selling clothes, shoes, and other accessories to get a start in the beauty industry.

More customers are flocking in to try the new cosmetic products, which brings more money to the brand. 

How Maven Beauty Affects Fashion Nova Customers

Many women have used makeup products that damaged their skin. A few days after using the products, they develop rashes, pimples, or other types of reactions. Their skin was irritated by the products they applied, and they paid dearly for it. The concept of terrible makeup products is not new.

To prevent harsh reactions and potential damage to their skin, many people take time to go through products to find the right ones for themselves. And when they find it, many women do not abandon it to try just any other product.

How do they know if Fashion Nova’s new products will do well for their skin?

How do they know that these products won’t make them lose any form of self-confidence they’ve built after causing damage?

We’re going to look at the properties of the Maven Beauty line and what makes it suitable for use.

Professional Makeup at Affordable Prices

Fashion Nova assures customers of their high-quality products. According to Saghian, all the products are pro-level essentials and have been studio tested. The best part is that they are also affordable, so everyone can use them regardless of wallet. 

          Basic Beat Eyeshadow Palettes

These are high-pigment palettes designed with hybrid surface technology (HTTP). Using it gives your face a dewy finish. Customers can also use this eyeshadow as a highlighter or blush. For all these features, it only costs $19.

          Basic Beat Cream Eyeshadow

This is the second eyeshadow product in the collection. While the first one gives you a bold color, this one gives you an anti-wrinkle effect. It can also be used for a quick lift. If customers prefer to go for a more natural look, this eyeshadow helps them achieve the perfect finish. During their normal makeup application, the Basic Beat Cream Eyeshadow could serve as a base for any eye look. It goes for $13.

          Maven Highlighter

This clear gel was made with a unique wet-tech process to generate a more pearlescent pigment that makes your face glow. It is $15.

          Maven Lipsticks

Lipsticks add that extra beauty to your face. Fashion Nova gives you five different lipstick shades in this collection. They are all demi-matte and retouch friendly. Customers won’t need to feather or bleed to reapply the lipstick and get a clean look. It costs $14.

          Maven Waterproof Liquid Liner

This liner has a brush applicator that helps avoid wastage during application. Customers could also use the liner as an eyeshadow and get a fantastic finish. It goes for $14.

          Maven Pro Artistry Brushes

To apply makeup and get the desired look, artists need various brushes. Maven Beauty comes with high-quality brushes in 30 different shapes and sizes. The soft and fine textures ensure you get a smooth application and get as creative as you want on your face. The price of the brushes ranges from $6 to $19.

          Maven Pro Lashes

Finally, Maven Beauty comes with a set of lashes, each with a different style from the rest. Customers can pick any of these lashes depending on what they are trying to achieve with the look. These lashes are also reusable, so customers don’t have to keep spending money every time to get a new set of lashes. They can pull them off to wear them another time. They cost $9.

By purchasing these high-quality products at such cheap prices, women don’t have to spend so much to look glamorous. With just a couple of dollars, they could create any look they want and step out of their homes full of confidence.

Suitable for Everyone

Fashion Nova products come in different colors suitable for any skin type.  Customers will always find something right for them.

Also, they are all vegan-friendly and made from safe materials that will not bring about adverse reactions on your skin. The team in charge spent over a year working on perfecting the colors and ensuring the products come out fine.

Now, they can step out of your house with confidence and not worry about how much they spend to perfect their look.