Eterneva Affords a Unique and Beautiful Means to Remember a Loved One

The circle of life, from birth to death, is the one aspect of life that does not change.  For truly if a person is born, they are destined to die.  There is no way to predict when the process will end, but it occurs at every age along the spectrum for someone somewhere.  Family members, and other friends and relatives who are left to mourn the passing of a loved one, may be so distraught during the grieving period that they can not think of ways to properly memorialize their dearly departed.  Traditional funerals have been the only way to proceed for many decades.  The onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way funerals are performed.  Many people may feel that their loved one is not getting the best tribute during these trying times.  Adelle Archer, and a panel of friends and potential partners, created a way to innovate death care, and give honor to the deceased in such a way that would help families grieve and heal better.

Adelle Archer is co-founder of Eterneva, and she wanted to develop an innovative approach to death care that was more personal in the way loved ones were honored after death.  This revelation came about after the death of her friend and mentor, Tracy.  This was the first time that she looked for something different in death care.  She and the rest of the panel realized that there were not many meaningful ways to honor special people.  Adelle researched several ideas and found that she could use the carbon from the cremated ashes to create a diamond that would be as beautiful as Tracy was on the inside and the outside.  She and other members of the panel reflected on their experiences with death care, and developed solutions that would benefit others like a grief camp for children, and a step-by-step guide to help navigate a death care support system for others.  Eterneva services a special need that people have that was not being met within the death care industry.  Starting the healing process, and embracing grief was the desire that drove the panelists to make the decision that promised to lift the cloud, and the feeling of loneliness while going through their journey of loss.  The Eterneva Promise is based on three important principles.

  1. To Listen and Understand. Eterneva knows that the loss of a loved one can be the most devastating event to deal with, so they do not offer platitudes.  They know that the journey through grief is a long one.  They are there to listen and talk about your loved one with the hope of bringing some brightness to otherwise tough times.
  2. To craft every moment to be personal. They know that peace of mind is everything because they have gone through the diamond process.  They go above and beyond the other companies because of how they care for the ashes of your loved one, by their quality control measures, and by our transparency in communication throughout every stage.
  3. We acknowledge the legacy that was earned. The diamond is a symbol that represents the fact that your loved one has passed on.  It is a symbol that conveys the message that their character had the power to make those who are left behind better versions of themselves.  Our goal is to share that wonderful character with the world.

Eterneva made changes during the Covid-19 Pandemic that are to help people memorialize their loved ones, and not feel that their service had been compromised.  Technology became the forefront of the changes in the services that allowed people to honor their loved ones even though there were many restrictions.  The use of video streaming became the focus for funerals.  This allowed people from any location the opportunity to watch the funeral, and come together emotionally.  They can stay safe physically while following the mandated guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Eterneva used its website to meet potential clients, and build lasting connections.  Everyone could see the process from the beginning when the diamond was created from the ashes to a page where the community can collaborate with family and friends of the deceased loved one.

Young people who are new to dealing with the journey of losing a loved one can benefit from using Eterneva because it will eliminate most of the stress and indecision of planning a traditional funeral.  They will have a complete support system to help make the process easier to manage.  The cultural awakening in handling death is changing as people are more perceptive to accepting the partnership of funeral homes and crematoriums.  Eterneva is setting the guidelines for other companies who want to do more than the traditional funeral.