SextPanther: A Secure, Safe, and Fun Website to Indulge

Texting isn’t just a way to keep in touch with people anymore; it’s become a way of life. It’s no wonder the combination of convenience and instant gratification has made it popular for adult conversations. SextPanther is a website that taps into the texting culture that has already flourished on apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. See what makes this company different, how content creators are using it, and why it’s enjoyed such staying power with its user base. 

What Makes SextPanther Different?

SextPanther is making it possible for users to have direct conversations with adult content creators. By providing a catalog of creators, composed of both amateurs and professionals in the adult industry, users get to add contacts to have adult conversations, and content creators are paid based on users’ spending. 

How people communicate is entirely up to them. While the platform is largely built for texting (both words and photos and videos), users can also choose to speak on the phone or arrange video sessions with select content creators.

Many people prefer texting because it takes a lot of the anxiety out of the interaction. This is not another app to download and publicly display on a smartphone. It’s a private website where people can securely communicate on the website or directly via SMS without fear of running into a bot or catfish. 

What Makes SextPanther More Secure?

The adult industry is not well known for its security, and these questionable practices have allowed fraud to flourish for too long. SextPanther was founded on respect for users, which means that all content creators are thoroughly screened before they are allowed to post their accounts. 

Users on SextPanther are looking to escape the real-world pressures that they face every day. The last thing that they need to worry about is that their information is being stolen or that they’ll be solicited for anything other than conversation. That’s why the developers and customer service team have made it a priority to keep fans and creators safe.

How Are Content Creators Treated on SextPanther?

Content creators can expect a review period before they are allowed to set up an account on the website. Once they’re approved, they can expect a good deal of freedom to decide what’s right for them. For instance, if they do not want to talk on the phone, or have video sessions, all they need to do is specify their preferences. Users can browse accounts and choose who to reach out to based on their services and pricing. 

The content creators on SextPanther are also never required to give their credit card information or real phone numbers. Instead, they are paid twice a month based on what they make and receive a randomly generated phone number to use online in conjunction with the website. 

This is an opportunity for them to make additional income every month, and they’re allowed to customize their business model as they see fit:

  • Phone Numbers: Content creators may choose to attract users by giving away their phone numbers for free.
  • Texts: Content creators charge per incoming text message.
  • Photos / Videos / Audio Messages: Content creators can charge per image/video/or audio that they send to a user and earnings are added to their account when the user opens the media. 
  • Call Minutes: If a content creator offers video or phone services, they set rates by the minute with a minimum call time. 

SextPanther has landed on a business model that puts the power in the hands of content creators. They have the chance to build a user base depending on what they’re comfortable with. As they become more established on the platform, they can raise their rates as they see fit. 

Why Is SextPanther So Popular?

There has been so much disruption in people’s lives because of the pandemic. Daily routines have been shattered in a way that has thrown everyone off. It’s left people craving a break from the daily grind, one that could be done without the risk of spreading COVID. 

COVID-19 has been an undeniable force in our lives and while its presence is certainly diminished, many people have permanently changed how they work and live. SextPanther provides a secure place to connect with other like-minded individuals, so they can alleviate some of the stress and loneliness.

This has also become a legitimate way for content creators to make a little extra money (and in some cases A LOT of money). After the pandemic, many people faced either a reduction in hours or a permanent layoff. Side hustles became exceptionally popular as a way for people to keep up with their bills and afford a few luxuries during uncertain times. 

What Can Users Expect From the SextPanther Team?

Users who contact customer service can do so with complete confidence. Whether they have a question about an individual charge or want to learn more about how security works, the customer service team is there to answer questions and address concerns. 

SextPanther states all of its terms and conditions upfront, providing the kind of transparency that users and content creators need to feel comfortable signing up. There are plenty of reasons that someone might be hesitant to use a sexting website, but the reputation that SextPanther has built is rock solid. 

The Nuts and Bolts of SextPanther 

This adult website truly is a place where users can satisfy their need for distraction and fun, and content creators can make extra money when they need it. From its organized accounts to its excellent customer service, SextPanther is redefining the standard in the adult industry.