Close Call With Asteroid in 2021

It seems as though there’s always some kind of debris in space that news outlets are talking about. However, one that NASA is warning about is a large asteroid that’s about the size of the Eiffel Tower. The large rock should pass by on or around December 11, 2021.

Even though 4660 Nereus is supposed to pass by within 2.5 million miles of the planet, NASA doesn’t believe that there’s cause for alarm just yet. If the large rock were to navigate off its course, then it could mean a collision course with Earth, which could be devastating. One of the details about Nereus to keep in mind is that it’s about 90% larger than some of the other asteroids that are in space, which is why NASA is looking at it so closely.

It’s common for asteroids to pass close by Earth, but since this one is of a larger size and looks to be coming closer than others, the all-clear likely won’t be given until the asteroid is out of orbit. There are missions that NASA has planned to try to stop asteroids if they are seen as an immediate threat, but those plans haven’t been enacted. Nereus was discovered in 1982 and will come close to Earth once again in 2031 with the closest pass in 2060.