Fun Facts About the Human Body

Taking care of your body is a little bit like taking care of a plant. Your body is alive, and you need to give it the proper nutrients, water, and light to function properly. It will also need some time off from everything we put into it. You will have to withdraw from caffeine and sugar or at least have minimal exposure for your health to stay in balance.

1. The Human Body Contains Over 10 BILLION Cells

The human body comprises trillions of cells, while the average size of each cell is only around 6 microns (1/100 of a millimeter). So, the human body contains over 10 billion cells. On top of that, our bodies are continually replacing those cells, so no one person has the same number of cells as the next.

2. We Are Made Up of Three Layers

Because our bodies constantly replace the cells, three layers make up our body. The outermost layer comprises skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This layer provides the strength and support to hold our bodies upright and protect them from injury. It also provides a protective barrier to keep the bacteria, viruses, and germs out.

 3. The Skin Grows New Cells Every Seven Days

The upper layer of our skin is made up of squamous epithelium cells. These cells are constantly growing and dying, and they completely cover the body’s surface in a layer that’s only a few layers thick (1-3). Our skin also stretches and expands to fit as we grow.

4. The Average Heartbeat Is 68 Per Minute

The average adult heart rate is around 70 beats per minute but varies from person to person. For example, babies have a faster heartbeat than adults, about 150-160 beats per minute. It decreases by about 10 beats for every decade of life the individual has lived. The fastest heartbeat ever recorded was 400 beats per minute in 1988!

5. The Average Number of Days Between Heart Attacks Is About Six Months

An average adult can expect to live about 73 years, but it is not uncommon for people to live beyond or less than this number of years. It is mainly due to the age when heart disease is first discovered. If a heart attack occurs in someone still young, 90% will survive and will only require minor surgery to repair their damaged heart tissue.


The human body is a miraculous creation, and it is amazing to think of all the things that our bodies can do. Even just one cell can divide into different cells, each with different functions. It truly is remarkable!