Amazing Facts About Whales That Will Blow You Away

‍Whales are one of the fascinating species in the marine animal kingdom. They have evolved over time into some of the most interesting creatures. Whales are known for their intelligence, communication, and touching personalities. They have also been known to perform many amazing tricks that leave humans speechless. The following facts will blow you away from these majestic cetaceans.

1.Whales Can Live Up to 100 Years in the Wild

With food being scarce in the ocean, whales have evolved to wait for nutrients to accumulate in deep ocean waters. Whales have very low metabolisms, with some species only consuming half their body weight in food every day. This enables them to live for many years, sometimes even up to 100 years.

2.They Communicate Using Sounds

Whales use sound to communicate with each other. They make these sounds by pushing air out of their mouths and out of the blowholes on their heads. Then they use their ears as receivers, which are also on their heads, to pick up the sound waves and transmit them to the rest of their brains. Whales can make several different types of sounds. Some of these sounds are used for social purposes, such as when whales are saying “hello” or “goodbye” to each other.

3.Whales Produce High-Frequency Sounds

Whales produce sound waves via their blowholes. The frequency of these sound waves determines the pitch of the whale’s calls. Certain whales produce sounds with frequencies that can travel thousands of miles underwater and across the globe. These sounds are called acoustic signals. For example, humpback whales produce low-frequency sounds that are like an “ocean moan.” These sounds can travel for thousands of miles along the ocean currents, allowing humpback whales to communicate with each other all around the world.

4.Whales Have a Highly Developed Sense of Smell

Whales have a highly developed sense of smell. They have over 300 million smell receptors in their heads and noses, which is around 100 times more receptors than humans! This is a huge advantage when hunting for food as it means they can sniff out food much quicker than humans can with our much smaller noses. Whales can detect minute amounts of odors that humans cannot detect at all.

5.Whales Are Good Swimmers

Whales are excellent swimmers. In fact, many species can swim up to 50 miles per hour! Whales also have a layer of fat under their skin that allows them to stay warm in cold water. This fat layer is called blubber, and it does not affect the whales’ swimming ability at all.

Whales are an amazing family of marine mammals. They are often thought of as giants in the ocean, but they are actually quite small compared to the largest ocean depths.