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www.DidYouKnow.it is a free blog with quality articles about funny, interesting, useful and amazing facts and “did-you-knows” on a wide array of topics such as Animals, ScienceHistoryWorldNatureInternet,  ArtsReligion, and much more.

2017 News Update!

We’ve got one blog post scheduled per month through the end of the year!  Make sure to bookmark this website and check back from time to time.

Exciting News for 2017!

Starting January 2017 we will have 1 new blog post each month!  In fact, 6 of them are already done and just waiting to be published.

Make sure to visit each month to read our new article.

First Update

This blog has been around for a number of years, but has mostly been dormant for the past 5 or so of them.  Not for long though!

We’re working hard to make some great changes to the website.  Here are a few things you can look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

  • Fact checking of existing articles
  • New articles being written 🙂
  • Consistent publishing of new and engaging articles, which will include pictures and video

Here are some changes that have already been put in place since May 2016!

  • Website Facelift – A great new look and feel.
  • Implemented mobile friendly user interface for our friends on smart phones and tablets
  • Beginnings of a social media presence

We’ve got some even bigger plans for the future, so make sure you check back often.  Please share our website with your friends and family too!

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