A Gentle Breed

The pit bull is a dog that often gets a bad reputation. Many people believe that this dog breed is aggressive and often has a killing instinct. Pit bulls used to be kept in homes as a nanny dog. Homes in England would use them as guard dogs for their children because of their protective nature. Even though the breed is seen as one that is violent, they are quite the opposite. The pit bull is a trusting dog that is quick to learn who its master is and is very protective. They can be aggressive toward other dogs, which means that they would do best in a home as the only pet. However, with proper training, they can live in the same home as other dogs and even cats. It is when this breed is raised for fighting purposes and to be aggressive that it can be violent. Most pits won’t attack another person or another animal unless there is a threat presented. This is because of their protective nature. If you’re planning to use this kind of dog to guard the home, it might be a good idea to find a different breed because they can be too trusting of people. This means that although they will attack if threatened, they usually won’t patrol the yard or stop someone from walking by the house unless the person does something to the dog.