Adoption Of Black Cats On Halloween

If you’re looking for a black cat, then you probably won’t be able to get one on Halloween from an animal shelter. There are many shelters that won’t allow people to adopt black cats on the holiday or in the days before Halloween because of the fear that the cats will be used for negative purposes. Some shelters think that black cats that are adopted will be used for sacrifices. While most people who adopt a black cat won’t treat them in this manner, there are some people who might have the idea and carry through with these plans as black cats are often seen as bad luck.

Shelters that don’t allow the adoption of black cats will usually post a notice outside or online. There are some locations that are starting to do away with this line of thinking because people have started to veer away from the idea of sacrificing cats and other animals. Some shelters hold events for people who are specifically looking for a black cat. However, the people who do adopt a black cat, or any animal from a shelter, must sign paperwork to acknowledge that they will care for the animal and provide it a loving home.