African Wild Dogs Are Among the Best Hunters

When discussing the top predators in the animal kingdom, people often forget to mention African wild dogs. These highly skilled hunters rarely miss their target. Let’s find out why African wild dogs are so amazing.

Unbelievably Successful Predators
In terms of taking down prey, African wild dogs have an 80 percent success rate. Not even lions or cheetahs can compare to wild dogs. By working as a team, these intelligent canines have no trouble tackling larger animals like wildebeest and antelope. An ability to run for long distances also gives wild dogs a big advantage. They can sustain a speed of 35 mph for up to three miles. After a while, their weakened prey will eventually become overwhelmed by exhaustion.

They Rarely Fight Each Other
In contrast to other pack-hunting animals, African wild dogs don’t usually fight amongst each other for leadership. Their main objective is to strengthen the bond of the pack. When a kill is made, every member of the clan is allowed to feed.

Practice Hunting Rituals
Before going out to pursue a kill, African wild dogs engage in hunting rituals. They encircle each other to create excitement for the hunt. It’s similar to what many professional sports teams do before a big game.

Often Mistaken for Hyenas
Understandably, African wild dogs are often mistaken for hyenas. Despite their similar appearances, there are some big differences between these two species. Hyenas are larger and have spotted markings. You’ll notice that an African wild dog’s ears are much larger. While African wild dogs are relentless hunters, hyenas are scavengers that let other predatory animals do the work. Furthermore, it’s not common for hyenas to fight each other for dominance.