Animals Provide Support

For some people, anxiety and depression are a way of life. However, they don’t have to deal with the emotional issues alone if they have an Emotional Support Animal or an ESA. This is an animal that can be registered as one that provides comfort for the person during panic attacks and other situations when anxiety and depression seem to take over. A therapist needs to write a letter that details the condition that warrants an ESA. However, there are several issues that are listed for approval including depression and anxiety. Dogs aren’t the only animals that can be listed as an ESA. You could have a cat, rabbit, or a hamster among other animals as long as that animal provides the support needed so that you can function in everyday life.

An ESA is a large part of the treatment process for someone who suffers from anxiety, depression or other emotional and mental disorders. They aren’t seen as a cure, but they are a part of being able to function on a daily basis as they provide the comfort that is needed instead of taking medications all the time. Under the Fair Housing Act, any ESA can stay in a home with its owner even if the landlord has a policy for no pets.