Black Cats And Bats For Halloween

Halloween is a holiday for tricks and treats. It’s often known as a holiday when children can go from house to house to get candy. There are a few weird things that you might not know about Halloween that could make it spookier than before. The symbols that you see on Halloween aren’t really all that random. You’ve probably heard of black cats being unlucky or spiders and bats being animals that are used in potions or even for decorations on Halloween. These symbols have a history tied to Wiccans.

These noted symbols of the holiday are often seen as familiars of witches. They would keep these animals as pets or use them for some of their curses in the middle ages. Most of the time, these symbols are thought to bring back luck to those who interact with them, especially on Halloween. There is also a Samhain ritual where bats are used while a bonfire is roaring. The fire is said to attract the bats and keep insects and other flying animals away. The bats are then used in some of the rituals of Halloween and the curses that are chanted by those who participate in Samhain festivities or witch ceremonies.