How long does a turtle live?

There are more than 270 kinds of turtles. Turtles have been on earth for about 230 million years. Studies show that turtles were on earth even before dinosaurs. There are several species of turtles you can keep as pets. If turtles are properly cared for, they can live for many years.
But, instead of this fact, another thing that is very important is the breed. As usual, water-turtles live shorter. Most aquatic turtles can live to about 50 easy. Some tortoises live up to 150.
The large tortoises from the Galapagus Islands can live more than 200 years. Some American box turtle have been documented at over 100 years old. Some sea turtles probably live 75 years or more. The common pet, the red-eared slider, can live 40 years or more if they receive good care.
Some of the tortoises can live for centuries. Box turtles and alligator snappers can pass the century mark.