More Than The Easter Bunny

Easter is a holiday that celebrates the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. It’s also a holiday when the Easter Bunny brings baskets, eggs and treats to children. Because of the vernal equinox and the time when Jesus died and rose, Easter falls on a different day every year, but it’s always on a Sunday. The holiday is held on the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Even though Easter eggs might seem like a fun tradition that started with parents and children, it actually stems from Lent. Catholics are to abstain from eating certain foods during this period. However, eggs don’t spoil as fast as other foods, so Catholics ate them and gave them out as gifts because of their abundance.

A fun event is held each year at the White House. Starting between 1867 and 1872, the president held an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn. Children from the city are still invited to take part in the event and can get candy. The Easter Egg Roll is usually held the Monday after Easter so that families can spend time together on Sunday. Marshmallow Peeps are among the most popular type of treat for Easter and are often found in almost every Easter basket sold.