Santa’s Reindeer

Christmas is a time of year when children begin asking their parents for toys and when they start asking about Santa. There are many things that children might not know about the man in the red suit or his reindeer. Santa has eight reindeer who fly at night on Christmas Eve to pull his sleigh. Rudolph is at the front of the pack with his glowing red nose to light the way. He’s Santa’s ninth reindeer and was added to the team because of a snowstorm one year. Rudolph’s glowing nose lit up during the storm, so Santa asked him to help guide the other reindeer. Rudolph was laughed at by the other reindeer until they saw how helpful he was guiding them and helping Santa. The only reindeer that fly are Santa’s, and that’s because of the magic that Santa has over them. Before Santa arrives, most children leave milk and cookies for him to enjoy. Some children leave treats for the reindeer as well, such as carrots or special treats that parents can find online to make. When Christmas is over, Santa takes a vacation for a short time before starting his lists once again, keeping track of the naughty and nice boys in the world.