Spiders Could Be Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

One of the decorations that you see for Halloween is a spider. Most spiders are black, but there are some fun renditions that include green, pink and blue so that spider used for decorating the house aren’t all scary. The spider is a symbol of Halloween that could offer a bit of encouragement for those who see the small animals. Some people believe that if you see a spider on Halloween, it’s really a loved one who is showing you a sign that the person is still around you in spirit.

It doesn’t matter what kind of spider that you see, but some think that larger spiders are a sign of a greater presence of loved ones compared to smaller spiders. Spiders are seen across the world as intricate creatures because they can weave webs of detail. They have been used in fairy tales and in nursery rhymes. It’s believed that those who kill a spider on Halloween will have bad luck the rest of the year. The only time that spiders became known as a bad symbol was when they were seen with witches and on their hunts. Thinking that a spider is a loved one who has passed on is a nicer way of picturing these creatures.