Super Hogs: How Farm Pigs Can Adapt to the Wild

Most people consider pigs to be just regular old farm animals. However, Mother Nature has gifted pigs the incredible ability to easily adjust to new habitats. When left in the wild, a pig transforms into a completely different beast. Not will domesticated pigs begin to grow intimidating tusks and extra body hair, but they will also develop a far more aggressive demeanor. An enhanced sense of smell is yet another aspect of the pig’s metamorphosis. They eventually start to resemble and act like their wild boar relatives. Very few animals in the world are able to adapt so quickly.

When a domestic pig’s transformation is complete, it can survive in a number of harsh environments. Because pigs will consume virtually anything, they don’t experience much trouble finding food. From dead carcasses to dog food that has been left outside, these hungry animals will ravage through everything in sight. Some pigs have even been known to attack deer fawn. The amount of testosterone in their bloodstream dramatically increases. This helps them to fight off potential predators. Even when facing dangerous rivals such as bobcats and coyotes, wild pigs will be able to hold their own.

You also can’t overlook the intelligence of pigs. According to Psychology Today, they are among the smartest animals in existence. A pig’s complex brain enables it to immediately detect a potentially dangerous situation in the wild.