Why Was the T-Rex Such a Feared Dinosaur?

In the eyes of many people, dinosaurs are among the most fascinating creatures to ever roam the planet. While some dinosaurs were perfectly harmless, others had a reputation for being absolute terrors. The T. Rex was especially ferocious. Here are some amazing facts about arguably the most dangerous dinosaur in history.

Its Stubby Arms May Have Been Powerful Weapons
The T. Rex is known for its stubby arms, which don’t seem too threatening. However, looks can be deceiving. Recent research suggests these tiny arms may have been used as weapons. Because of the T. Rex’s large claws and powerful tendons, it could inflict victims with deadly gashes. A unique socket joint also helped the T. Rex to move its arms in multiple directions. This means the likelihood of you escaping this barbaric monster was extremely low.

Powerful, Lethal Bite
To no surprise, the T-Rex’s machete-like teeth were its scariest features. No other animal on land unleashed a more potent bit. In fact, it had an estimated bite force of nearly 12,800 pounds. By comparison, the great white shark has a bite force of roughly 4,000 pounds. A muscle-bound skull enables this savage dinosaur to chop down with unmatched power. When facing the T-Rex, most animals wouldn’t have a fighting chance.

Binocular Vision
Contrary to what some popular dinosaur movies may suggest, the T. Rex didn’t have poor eyesight. Scientists have concluded the T. Rex actually had better vision than a hawk. This binocular vision allowed the T-Rex to better hunt down prey. Amazingly, it’s believed the beast’s eyeballs grew over time.