All About Love And Romance

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love to others, and it’s also a day that is rich in history. The holiday is said to have started in Ancient Rome as a fertility festival. Part of the festival included killing animals as a sacrifice and using the skins of animals to whip women. The women bleeding would be a sign of their fertility, which would mean that they were old enough and capable of bearing children. It became known as the holiday that everyone knows relating to romance and love in the 1300s.

Over 50 percent of people in the United States celebrate Valentine’s Day. At least $18 billion is spent on everything from cards to candy and flowers each year with more money being spent by men than women. Roughly 140 million cards are sent on Valentine’s Day, including the small ones that children exchange in their classrooms. There are about 9 million people who give their pets a gift to show that they are loved as well. Flowers are at the top of the list of gifts that are given on the holiday with chocolate coming in right behind them. Roses are the most popular flowers that are given.