All In Fun

When you go to an amusement park, you might notice the barkers who are calling out to try to get you to play the variety of games. The aroma of all of the foods combines to deliver a scent that you can almost taste. Names of amusement parks have the word “fun” in them more than any other word. Games at amusement parks are often designed so that players don’t win. Many people spend a large amount of money on games only to give up or finally win one of the smallest prizes available.

If you think that amusement parks are a new hit in the country, you would be wrong. The first one opened in 1583. It was small and only offered a few attractions, one being a natural spring that visitors looked at while others sold various foods and drinks. Although amusement parks try to keep the safety of riders and visitors in mind, at least 2,000 people were injured last year across the country. Many of the people who were injured visited parks that set up in towns for a week or two and then disassembled just as quickly to move to another location. Water slides and roller coasters were among the top attractions to cause injuries.