Behind The Scares

Among all of the movies that you’ve watched, there are probably a few horror flicks thrown into the mix. There are a few interesting facts about the most popular movies that you might not know about. Blood is often made from corn syrup, food coloring and a small amount of gelatin to make it look realistic. Some movies, such as “Scream,” have been inspired by true events that have taken place in the country. Directors and starring actors in hit horror movies often have cameos in other films. Wes Craven dressed in a red and green sweater and brown pants while mopping a high school floor in one of his cameo appearances. “The Blair Witch” is a movie that viewers thought was real. Instead, it was just a group of actors with characters who had the same first names, making it more believable that the movie was filmed in real-life. A bundle of sticks found in the film by Heather was made with real hair and teeth. Many horror movies don’t offer any kind of time and specific place as a way to keep you guessing about the era. “It Follows” is one of these movies with the scenes taking place outside of time, the events seeming to take place in a dream.