Flowers Are Forever

Valentine’s Day is about more than just flowers and candy. There are over 36 million boxes of candy in heart-shaped boxes sold each year for the holiday. Other types of candy commonly sold include conversation hearts and rectangular boxes of chocolates. Men tend to spend about twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day. Most men spend about $100 while women spend close to $50. However, women usually spend more money on children and relatives compared to men spending more money on a significant other, a parent, or grandparent. Pets are included in the holiday as well. Almost 9 million people get their pets at least a card and a treat to show that they love them.

The top profession that usually receives cards and candy is a teacher. Many children and their mothers work to make cards to give out on Valentine’s Day along with small cards for the rest of the class. The first company to produce cards for Valentine’s Day in a mass supply is Hallmark. The company started selling cards for the holiday in 1913 and continues to increase the number of cards and other unique gifts each year. Mother’s Day is the only other holiday when more flowers are sold.