From Costumes To Cats For Halloween

Often filled with candy and a few tricks and other treats, Halloween is a holiday that is full of a few interesting facts. Children today often dress up in costumes as a fun way to get treats when they go to houses. However, Celtic traditions with costumes involved people wearing them as a way to hide from ghosts and spirits. In order to keep the spirits happy that wandered around on Halloween, people would leave candy and other items outside their homes, which is what started the tradition of trick-or-treating.

You might think that the pumpkin has always been the canvas for Jack-o-lanterns because pumpkins are usually the first thing you see during the Halloween season. However, one of the first canvases for these fun decorations was a turnip. Even though they are small in size, people once carved designs on them that reflected their religious beliefs or as a way to highlight things that they enjoyed.

Cats of all colors, including those that are black, have been a part of Halloween for hundreds of years. They were once used during Celtic festivals and rituals. Those who conducted the rituals believed that cats could be used to help predict future events.