Fun Facts About Easter

As spring arrives each year, you might begin to think about the Easter holiday. There are a few facts about the holiday that you might not be aware of, such as the holiday marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ for those who believe in the events of his life. The spring season is considered a time of birth and creation, and the egg has been considered a symbol of fertility, tying the two together. Easter is considered the biggest holiday after Halloween regarding the amount of money that people spend on candy. About 70 percent of the candy that people buy is chocolate with bunnies and eggs being at the top of the list of candies that are purchased the most. Before processed egg dyes were created, eggs were dyed using everyday items, such as beet juice and onion peels. Until a few years ago, some hatcheries would dye chicks for Easter. The chicks would usually be pink and blue. However, most hatcheries have stopped dying chicks because they believe that it’s not healthy for the young animals. The White House holds an Easter Egg Roll each year and has been doing so since 1878. Children from the city are invited to attend the event that features eggs that are dropped on the ground.