Halloween Excitement

A fun holiday that many people celebrate in the fall is Halloween. Full of pumpkins, ghosts, and witches, the holiday has a few more interesting facts behind it than the typical black and orange colors that are often seen and trick-or-treating. Halloween was first celebrated about 2,000 years ago as a pagan festival. It was a festival used to denote the end of the summer season and the beginning of fall and winter. During the celebration, it was once believed that spirits could walk around among those who were still alive. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, people would go from one house to another to ask for various types of foods and other gifts. This started the tradition know as trick-or-treating. They also asked for treats called soul cakes. These small cakes were sweet and usually a sign of friendship for many people.

When most people think about a jack-o’-lantern, they usually picture a pumpkin with a carved face in one of many designs. Legend has it that the Halloween staples are named for a man named Jack. He walked around the earth forever because he couldn’t go to heaven or hell. The only thing that he had to guide his way was a lantern lit with a coal from hell.