Halloween Origins

One of the fun things about Halloween is taking children trick-or-treating. While some might think that it’s an activity that started in the United States, it’s a tradition from Medieval times and originated as part of a Celtic festival. Children and their parents would go from one home to another to knock on doors and ask for prayer. They would also beg for money and food. Some people would offer them bits of food while others would simply pray for them or offer good wishes. Children would often recite scriptures that they memorized when they knocked on doors.

This is where the idea of tricks and treats started. Once families started to make more money, they began going from one door to another for fun instead of trying to get money and food because they were poor. People in Britain and Ireland started similar traditions, but children usually received fruits instead of candy. Some cultures shared soul cakes with each other. Today, traditions share some of the same themes, but children dress up in costumes just so that they can get candy and enjoy the holiday instead of going from home to home to ask for money or even prayers for the family.