Images Of Santa

There is an image of Santa Claus that you probably have in your head and that is depicted each year. This image has been seen in homes and on publicity materials for many years. He is seen as an older man with glasses, a white beard and white hair, a red suit with black boots and a red hat. The modern image of Santa that you know is from a Dutch figure. When the idea of Santa was tossed around in Europe before migrating to the United States, Santa was known as Saint Nick, St. Nicholas and other names. He is believed to have had elements of Odin in him, allowing him to be seen as an apparition in the sky, which is where the idea of Santa and his sleigh came together. Most of the pictures that you see of Santa show him with a beard and mustache. There are very few that show him without these details, but older versions of Santa show him wearing a long coat and with a long and pointed beard instead of the jolly man that he is known as today. The modern image of Santa became popular in the 19th century in the United States when companies began using the jolly details as an advertising tactic.