More Than A Little Green Man

One of the things that you might associate with St. Patrick’s Day is a leprechaun. According to The Telegraph, he is usually depicted as a short man who wears a suit that is a dark color, usually dark green or black. A leprechaun usually has a pot of gold nearby as well. Even though their appearance suggests otherwise, a leprechaun is considered a type of fairy. All of the leprechauns that you’ll see in movies or hear about in stories are males as there are no females.

There is a small colony that has been set up in Oregon for leprechauns. People have been leaving accessories and furniture over recent years, but there have been no sightings of leprechauns. Although green is the color associated with these small creatures, you might see leprechauns that are red. A leprechaun enjoys his pot of gold. There are a few legends that indicate that he will perform sneaky acts if his gold is stolen or if someone tries to mess with his treasure. In the fairy world, leprechauns are often known as the bankers and the cobblers because of how protective they are of money and how much they care about their shoes as well. Shoeboxes and other types of boxes can be used to make a trap to try to catch the small creatures.