The Master Of Horror In Real Life

Whether you’ve read his books, watched his movies, or only heard of his creations, Stephen King is a many of mystery. Stephen is one of the most successful writers of horror novels that include “IT,” “Carrie,” and “The Stand.” Many of the books that he has written have been turned into movies. Stephen and his wife Tabitha have a radio station, and Tabitha is an author herself. In 1999, Stephen was hit by a vehicle close to his Maine home. When he recovered, he bought the vehicle that hit him. Stephen wanted the van so that he could take his aggression out on it by beating it with a sledgehammer.

Some of the books that Stephen writes could be based on horrific events of his childhood. He had to endure dealing with one of his best friends getting killed by a train when they were kids. If you ever travel to Maine, you can see the home where Stephen King lives. There is a large fence and gate leading to the home, but you can take pictures if you stand outside. Sometimes, you can see Stephen walking around the town just like any normal person instead of the horror novelist that he is known as across the country.