More Than A Christmas Tree

One of the staples in many homes at Christmas is a tree. There are a few interesting things that you might not know about the tree. It’s more than just a decoration with lights and ornaments that you put presents under for the holiday. The first trees were actually part of pagan traditions. The first mention of any type of Christmas tree was in Germany in 1570. When people started decorating their trees, they used natural decorations instead of ornaments and lights that you probably use today. Strings of popcorn, cranberries and real wax candles were often used to decorate trees. In 1882, electric Christmas trees were first designed. Edward Johnson came up with the idea, and they are still used today but not quite as much as a real tree or an artificial one. If you want to put more presents under the tree, you can buy an upside down tree. These are artificial trees that are designed so that they can be decorated with the smaller side closer to the floor. Another way to associate presents with the tree might be to hang them on the limbs like the Druids did. They believed that a tree was a symbol of a giver of good things, which is why they put presents on the limbs.