Not Always An Unlucky Day

Although Friday the 13th isn’t always lucky for some people, there is no real reason as to why so many people fear this day. Some who have read the Bible think that the day’s history began because Jesus was crucified on a Friday and that there were 13 people who joined him at the Last Supper. The fear of Friday the 13th impacts millions of people, but the fear of the number 13 impacts more than just the date does. Each year has at least one Friday the 13th. There is no more than three Friday the 13th days during a year because of how the calendar aligns. If a month begins on a Sunday, then there will be a Friday the 13th that month. There has been little research to offer that Friday the 13th has any impact on the number of car accidents, the number of natural disasters, or the number of people seen in hospitals. Alfred Hitchcock, an author of several mysterious books and short stories, was born on a Friday the 13th. The horror movie with the same name as the date is one of the largest horror movie franchises with a serial killer who is known by millions of people whether they have watched the movie or not.