Not All Fun And Games At Disney

Whether you’ve been to Disney or not, you’ve probably seen images or videos of the park on television or online. There are a few secrets to the park that you might not know about and that might shock you after hearing them. Actors who don’t wear the full costumes at the park have to be good liars. They have to pretend to know the language that the character speaks in the movies or come up with a story about why they can’t speak the language or perform the actions that they are known for, such as Mulan speaking Chinese, or Tinkerbell flying.

There is a large parking lot for employees of the Disney park to park after they enter the gate like everyone else. To keep guests safe, all of the rides are checked every day. There are also employees who ride the rides every day to determine if any kind of work needs to be done to them. The operators of the rides have to listen to the same songs every day as long as they operate that ride. If they don’t want to listen to the songs or greet passengers, they can apply for other jobs that are available in the park, such as working in a gift shop or a restaurant.