Playing Fair

Carnival games can be fun and exciting to play, but there are a few interesting pieces of information about the games that can make them easier to defeat. When you’re trying to keep the moles from popping up and earn points, keep your arms low so that you don’t waste time bringing the mallet down. Any milk can game seems like it’s almost impossible to beat because the cans usually don’t fall over. Don’t aim for the center of the structure. Instead, aim for the bottom of the tower as this is where they are weighed down.

You’ve probably seen games with tubs or baskets where you have to get a ball or bag to stay inside them. Plastic tubs allow for a bit of extra bounce, and they have usually been wiped clean so that they are as slippery as possible, preventing balls from staying inside the tubs. A ball is usually thrown in first to show you how easy it is, but this ball only keeps the second one from bouncing out of the tub. When you’re given both balls, there’s nothing there to cushion the impact, making it easy for both balls to bounce out of the tub.